Every living thing requires light. Light is essential for life. Light is simple but complex. You know when it’s present but may not understand the science behind the impact of wavelengths, frequency, and speed. You are aware of its absence but may not consider what processes stop when light is unavailable. I could go on and on and on unpacking the depths of light, but I will let you marvel at the wisdom of God on your own.

Here’s the thought, God says you are the light of the world. You are needed in this season to shine in darkness so that others may come to realize their need for an all-sufficient, all-knowing, abundant life-giving God.

When you allow the light of forgiveness to shine through you, others can believe in the mercy and compassion of God. When you allow the grace of God to shine through you, others can believe in the acceptance and unconditional love of God. When you allow the light of correction, order, and standards to shine through you, others begin to believe that God’s way is not a suggestion but mandated for salvation and incredible daily living. The challenge, beloved, is having the wisdom to know which light is required at the moment and what measure.

The ability to discern what’s required comes from a disciplined life developed by the Holy Spirit and continually purified by the word. It’s the life you attain as you follow Him closely and radically obey truth. It is the life God gives and had in mind for you from the beginning. It’s life more abundantly that enables you to operate in all places and at all times from the spirit of love. It is a life of freedom because of your experience of peace with God.

The light of God will transform you. Your light should transform others and cause a shift from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light. Anything less needs adjustment. Sin and lawlessness can not continue in the presence of TRUE LIGHT.

My challenge to you today is to be the light of the world. Live a life fueled by faith, purpose, and passion. Be extraordinary. #mikaelacade #buildingkingdomcapacity #purpose #faith #saltandlight #prophetic #girlpreacher #ThursdayThoughts