Coaching and Consulting

Strategic partnerships to help you achieve greater success in life and ministry

Faith-based coaching and consulting can give you momentum to pursue and achieve new goals.

Mikaela Cade is more than a coach; she is a life strategist with years of experience helping men and women identify, understand and walk in their purpose. Her FLAME® Coaching and consulting can help you clarify what you really want and map our the path to achieving your desired results


Discover how faith is the foundation of your growth and transformation.


Define your specific purpose and points of power using a system of goal setting and strategic visioning tools.


Develop a system for communicating your vision and create an overarching strategy for success.


Life plan: Explore how to live your purpose every day and identify the knowledge and skills required to live an extraordinary life. Ministry plan: Develop clear ministry team objectives and solidify strategies to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and joy in the mission.


Fine tune priority management skills that are critical to success in life and ministry; plot milestones that help you celebrate successes.

“We’re not just talking about ideas and hoping something works. We dig deep to really uncover areas in your life that keep you from extraordinary living.”

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Prayer Requests

Are you facing doubts, fears or challenges in your life? Perhaps you feel called to intercede on behalf of a loved one? Take a moment to share your requests so Pastor Cade can keep you in her prayers.


    What’s on your mind? Pastor Cade would love to hear from you.

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