Live Experiences

Attend a live event and get the spark you need to accelerate extraordinary living


Live experiences are a great place to begin your journey to extraordinary living.   Attend a single or multi-day event and experience the power of faith in action. Discover how to overcome obstacles and move into the life God designed.  Get the wisdom and insight you need to master your life. Get the tools you need to translate faith into daily successful action. Live experiences will help you bridge the gap between faith and experience.

Prophetic Prayer and Worship Assembly

First Sunday of each month at 4 p.m.
Killeen Civic and Conference Center

Prophetic Intercession Bootcamp

May 29 -30
Austin, Texas

Maximize the power of your faith, purpose and passion

Other Events

Be Extraordinary Boot Camp

Details coming soon

Ultimate Advantage Retreat

Details coming soon

Awaken Gathering

Details coming soon

Kingdom Powerful 2020 Conference

Details coming soon

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