My prayer for you is that you come to know, love, and trust God more today than you did yesterday. I pray that you will understand that your whole life is given to be a praise unto him.  I pray that you know he hears the sound of your life — not just the songs you sing in church – but the very sound your life makes without you ever saying a word.  I pray that with every breath you take there is a greater awareness of his presence that causes you to trust and obey him more and more.

I pray that you know that God is a healer who not only heals sickness and disease but restores wholeness and heals all your wounds. My prayer is that you recognize and embrace the power of being led by his Spirit. I pray that you set your mind on things above and commit to being all God planned.  I pray that you recognize that the work of the Kingdom is often done without fanfare or heraldic announcement.  I pray that you recognize true spiritual power is not being seen and known by men, but to be known in heaven and at the enemy’s gate as an authentic agent of reconciliation, an ambassador of righteousness, a disrupter of darkness.

I pray that you know that you were created, called, and commissioned to do good works on the earth.  You are to be free from the penalty of sin and all its effects.  I pray that you are confident in the Lord and trust him only.  You are called to step beyond the pretense of religion into the authentic, dynamic manifestation of spiritual power that proves the will of God and expands his Kingdom, not in word but power.  I pray that you recognize the time and hear the call to step beyond what you’ve known in order to embrace the next. My prayer, beloved, is that you know He loves you and has ordained more for you.