Let the promise of greater fulfillment and more profound experiences in God lead you to master personal responsibility. 

Remember these things:

  • Consecrate your whole life to him.
  • Pray, and seek divine perspective.
  • Be fearless in honoring the faith.
  • Let your attitude and not just your actions reveal your faith and obedience.
  • Always be sincerely grateful for every act of grace and mercy he gives you.

It is this commitment to faithfulness that gains the attention of the Father. Today, think about how you can give deliberate attention to cultivating your inner man.

Consider an area of your life where you might need to go deeper. Ask yourself, Are these four things are consistently true and evident in that area? What can I do today to move toward greater fulfillment in that area? #yourgrowuppastor #romans12 #strength4Godswarriors #beextraordinary #prohpeticinsight #mentorshipmonday #mondaymotivation #propheticflow