Praise expresses the level of admiration, approval, or value you have for something. It reflects what is in your heart; therefore, your praise should reveal the depth of your love, admiration, and respect for God. Your praise comprises more than your response to a call for praise in a worship service. It is far more than when you think you’re doing it because you’re having a good time. The truth is, your entire life is your praise. Do not think that God does not see and know everything. He doesn’t look at your offering of praise in church or that moment in the car. Faith is not episodic. It is a continual flow and leads to an uninterrupted experience of life and freedom. So then, beyond clapping your hands or shouting, stop and consider all 168 hours of the week and ask yourself, is my life a praise to God? Resist the urge to get overly religious here or proclaim that no one is perfect. But examine yourself to determine if your faith is woven throughout the tapestry of your life.

Your life, every day, every breath, every word should reflect your conscious choice to believe and exude confidence in the one who saves. This confidence does not give you a pass from challenges, difficulties, or issues but provides an assurance that God is with you and he is able. You must be confident that my God can, but if he doesn’t, He is still God. When this confidence is present, praise doesn’t waver based on circumstances. Your praise should not be based on how you feel but on the facts of God’s value and worth. Your life should always speak well of God and your confidence in him.

Consider Ephesians 3:20 and let it illuminate how you speak to and of God. May your conversation be filled with confidence in his love for you and his ability to do more than you can ask or imagine. Let the praise of your life fill the earth.