Respect matters.

Reverence for the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. This means a healthy view of God must govern your heart. A healthy view of His love. A healthy view of His judgment. A healthy view of His blessing. A healthy view of His wrath. (I think you get it.)

You must understand that the same God that declares, “I will bless in your obedience.” He is the same God who declares, “I will curse you for disobedience.” And that he speaks this to the church. As a person of faith, you are not immune to God’s negative or corrective dealings.

In fact, the choices you make dictate the response that comes to you because they reveal the actual condition of the heart. You must not lose hope, knowing that he always has a plan for restoration declaring, “I will revenge all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled.”

Yet, a complementary aspect to the start of wisdom is an understanding of the holy. The other part of the statement means that understanding what it means to belong to God and live for him is a mark of wisdom. To continue to live a life void of sanctification or being set apart is an affront to the holiness of God.

So, if you put them together, you find that reverence for God and respect for a godly life are the beginning of wisdom. Beloved, don’t be deceived by a lot of talk or hype. The power of God is real, pure, and without compromise. Living a life dedicated to God is the freest and most powerful life you will live, and it is by no means boring — don’t let religion taint you– remember God made the world and everything that dwells therein.