It takes wisdom to live an extraordinary life; and, that kind of wisdom begins with an undeniable reverence for God. Reverence for the Lord produces wisdom that creates the momentum for living a life that continually glorifies God.  It causes you to live more authentically.  It guides you into living your purpose continually. You will consistently use your gifts, talents, and abilities to positively impact the Kingdom. Ultimately, you will live the life God designed for you. A life of consistent and intimate fellowship with him. A life that gives way to consistently accomplishing your purpose. It is an extraordinary life.

The proof of reverence for God is not simply found in a verbal affirmation or even lifting up the hands towards heaven, but in the actual attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors of your life. Beloved, reverence is the product of respect, submission, and obedience to God. The synergy of these three leads to a life full of righteous action.

This week, my challenge to you is to seek to elevate your understanding and application of reverence. That’s right, I want you to make it a personal mission to respect, submit to, and obey God more.  You can start by asking yourself, “Does every area of my life truly reveal my reverence for God?”  Be transparent and courageous in your answer. You’ve got nothing to lose, but there is so much more of God to gain.   Here are a few points to ponder until next time.

1.  Is reverence reflected in my attitude? Your attitude can influence your behavior. Attitudes are determined ways of thinking or feeling about something. It is your mental position on something.   Believers should base their attitudes on the facts of faith and not circumstances.  When your mind truly agrees with the facts of faith and the word of God, you will maintain a proper attitude.  You will not complain or vainly question a situation, but always recognize that God is with you. You will have confidence that God’s ways are perfect.  Attitudes are a little tricky, because when things are going according to our desires our attitudes tend to be good.  Yet, when things go awry it can turn into quite a different story.  For example, you have to wait a little longer for your dream to materialize.  Maybe your life is a little off the schedule you have written.  So you find that your attitude towards others who seem to be moving forward gets a little rough.  God is not surprised at where you are currently standing; he wants you to learn to keep a faith-filled attitude no matter what.  Remember that your attitude in any situation should be based on the truth of what God has declared not in your circumstances or even your feelings.

2.  Is reverence declared through my words? How and what we speak is important to life and death.  Remember, Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.  God has given us the power and ability to speak. Your speech can be filled with faith and reverence. Your words actually have the power to block the move of God in your life. Consider the person in pain who fears acknowledging the truth because it might be a negative confession.  The fact is they have a headache, to say so is not a negative confession.  But, if they deny the situation choosing to ignore it they can actually prevent God from healing. God requires transparency and trust. To have a need and ask for help reveals that your respect and trust in the Lord. Be sure your words are in line with the will of God and you will walk in power.

3.  Is reverence revealed by my actions?  I mention actions last because those things that are revealed through the body are really only a demonstration of what we have already believed and spoken.  Actions are not independent of belief. When you respect God your actions are in sync with the word and will of God.  Your actions reveal how much you respect God. Let there be no gap between what you say you believe and what you actually do. If there is, you are free to confess the error and allow the Holy Spirit to refocus you. Always remember God loves you.

Reverence the Lord and you will get wiser.

Blessings to you,