Obedience is not optional. It is required. The truth is you will obey someone or something, either God by your deliberate choice and submission or the adversary by resisting God and loving the world. That’s a profound thought that leads to the question of the day, Who are you serving?

Interestingly enough, the word makes it clear that serving the Lord is more than a mental notion or feeling; the word is clear you are the servant of the one you obey. Many well-intentioned believers inadvertently serve lawlessness by not wholeheartedly obeying the Lord. God requires that we follow him completely and give ourselves to him unreservedly. He lets us know that small things matter, big things matter, ignorance is not bliss, and yes, he REALLY does know your heart. (Better than you). Today, I hear the Spirit say, choose who you will serve.

Beloved, your life today is the result of all the choices you’ve made so far. If you want a different outcome or a different dynamic in life, you must choose God’s way. He doesn’t fail. He doesn’t lie. He wants your experience in life to match what he promised. You’ve got to go all-in and dismiss all other options.

Obey God. Obey His Word. Obey the leading and direction of His Spirit.  May the Lord’s word be established in you through your radical obedience. May you experience more of him and truly understand the power of his love.