What sound is your life making today? Beloved know that your life makes a sound and many times that sound is far louder than words that you speak even if you shout. You can speak words of victory and triumph, peace and love but when your walk reveals defeat and despair or fear and unforgiveness the credibility of your witness is diminished. You cannot out dance, out pray, out sing or out preach a life that is not given unto holiness and set upon the righteousness of God.

Let us learn to bridge the gap between what we say and how we live. Let us endeavor to submit to the cultivating of the inner man so completely that our outer man reveals the power of true spiritual transformation. Your experience should reflect the faith that you possess- not merely when you get to glory, but today. Wisdom and humility are to be so profoundly sown into your soul that your life declares I am a believer; God is real. So,what sound is your life really making today?