Happy Monday!

As you approach the week, remember that there will be moments of triumph and moments of uncertainty in the daily rhythm of life. You must keep in mind that God is with you in the celebrations as well as the chaos. You have been called to manage both successfully.

In the midst of joy and exuberance, remember that God got you there. Celebrate his faithfulness, grace, favor, and mercy. When you face situations or circumstances that bring doubt, confusion, frustration, or even despair, you must remember God allowed you to be there. Through Christ, you are triumphant in all things, for I am persuaded just as the Apostle writes that nothing can separate us from the love of God. There is no power of the enemy greater than God’s. There is no temporal joy greater than that eternal joy unspeakable that floods your soul as you know that you abide in him. There is no circumstance that He can not handle. No riddle unsolvable. No pain beyond healing and no need that exceeds his supply.

Today, stay focused and motivated to live for him. Remember to contend for the faith delivered unto you whether the situation is easy or difficult. Celebrate the immutable, irrefutable, and omnipotent God who is always for you.

Beloved, remember to take time to pray and express your gratitude in his constant presence. Be confident that with him, you win. You are chosen to be light in the dark world. Accept your assignment, and stay in the faith. #mcmpropheticintercessor #mikaelacade #mondaymotivation #apostolic