The imperative to walk in love is not just about how you feel about a situation, circumstance, or person. It is so much more than walking around with a smile on your face or a giddy disposition.

It’s really a higher calling to surrender yourself and your day to the thoughts, plans, and will of God. It’s a directive to remember to think, speak, and act as Jesus Christ would in any given situation. As a believer, your aim is to be motivated by love. To know and honor the will of God each day.

The hallmark of love is to maintain a proper perspective and attitude. Genuine and authentic love is sacrificial, compassionate, and provides what is needed. It requires a relationship with God to be realized.

Today’s challenge is to take a deeper look at walking in love. Are you walking in love? Look to God’s word for perspective, and welcome the illumination of the Holy Spirit. God wants to deepen your understanding of love in order to increase the impact of your life.