God desires that we experience Truth’s profound and liberating power in the core of our being. This TRUTH cannot be shaken. It cannot be destroyed. It gives you the courage to obey. It compels you to be responsible. It transforms how you live, love, and serve.

This TRUTH is not used as a weapon to hurt others but as an instrument of righteousness that brings healing and restoration. It is a protection against the enemy’s attack. TRUTH keeps you balanced and connects all the other components of your life. Yet, this TRUTH will separate. It will break the unrighteous from the righteous. It will disclose the hidden agendas and thoughts of man. You must not fear the activity of truth and accept that it brings both positive and negative responses. Your aim, beloved, is to stand with God.

Embrace TRUTH with a heart and mind filled with gratitude. Surrender to the transforming power of the TRUTH by receiving, believing, and applying it to your life. Doing this leads to freedom and confidence, unlike anything you could imagine. 

But know that your decision to believe and receive must be deliberate. You will not stumble into righteousness or increased faith or perfected fulfillment of your purpose. It requires God. God gave us free will, and we must willingly choose Truth. It is erroneous to think that God will force you to receive it. It is there daily, offered for every situation, but you must choose it. When you don’t know the Truth, you must seek it.

 Seek it through God’s word, not the world’s opinion. Get assistance from those who are intimately acquainted with Truth. Recognize that titles and popularity may not indicate a divine relationship. Invest in those who, through faith and experience, can help you see and understand God better.  

You must determine not to fight against the disruption that comes as you embrace Truth. You should expect disruption because once you surrender and open up every aspect of your life, Truth will move through uncovering, restoring, building, breaking, revealing, and healing until it has a place to dwell. Truth does not reside with lies.  

Being filled with Truth makes you kingdom-useful.

Today, right now, make a deliberate decision to know Truth. Decide to seek Truth over honesty. Celebrate the freedom that TRUTH brings to your life. Walk in the newness of life. You don’t have to explain the change. No one has to permit you to walk in freedom. Don’t let anything or anyone shut down the liberty truth gives.

Rejoice in the transformative and liberating power of God’s TRUTH. And if you don’t know it, cry out to God. That means to pray. Pray that he who hears and gives freely will open your heart and eyes to know the Truth more intimately. I am confident that He, who is also kind and merciful, will lead you to a greater revelation of Truth. He gives wisdom and understanding. Why? Because he created you to live an extraordinary life. He created you to honor him. He loves you.

You were created to be filled with Truth, love, and wisdom. I pray that you are inspired to have a greater appreciation for Truth. May that appreciation and respect cause you to seek and obey the Truth as if your life depended on it. Because, in Truth, it does.

I pray that as you embrace more Truth, every barrier to God’s plan for your life is revealed so that through the employment of Truth and wisdom, obstacles may be dismantled and lead you to your extraordinary life and purpose.


Blessings you!

Pastor MC

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