We are a people with many desires.  Some desire wealth.  Some desire fame. Some desire recognition or acceptance.  Even still, some desire a spouse, baby, or a new job.  Most beauty pageant contestants report that they desire world peace.  The point is the range of personal desires goes from those considered narcissistic to those perceived as purely philanthropic; yet there one desire that should be at the core of it all–pleasing God.  Without God as the core desire of our life, we will never experience true fulfillment. Let me say it again, your number one desire should be pleasing God.  In fact, in looking at the current spiritual climate of the church we should recognize that God is shaking the heavens and earth in order to reveal the true desire of everyone.  
     On a more personal level consider the question, “What is your true desire?” If it sounds like an easy question, especially after the preceding paragraph, I invite you to go deeper than the surface.  Don’t just glibly say God is—remember we must move beyond intellectual Christianity- saying what sounds right or acceptable to really experiencing the power of faith in action. Your true answer is revealed more in the tone and tenor of your life than in the words that come out of your mouth.  True desires are revealed in your prayers and the practice of your life.  Are your prayers filled with pleas to be taken out of situations?  Do you focus on your needs, wants, or desires or are you yielded to God in asking that His will be done.  In the practice of your life, are you self-serving or God- serving?  Do you consistently make the God choice?  I invite you to dig even deeper and think about what God would say about you if he were asked these same questions.
     Let me reiterate the main point. Pleasing God should be your number one desire.  Pleasing God does not always mean that you get your way or that things work out the way you want them too.  Just consider those three Hebrew boys who chose not to bow to the edict of Nebuchadnezzar; choosing the fiery furnace over the acceptance of the king.  Their answer reveals to us that they were completely committed to pleasing God and not because they were praying to be saved. They even told the king, that God was able to save but even if he didn’t they would still maintain their position. Now, that’s desire revealed.
     Today, begin a journey in your faith walk to the place where pleasing God is more important to you than the solution to the problem, immediate rescue, or even an elevation or promotion.  Make full proof of your faith by finding ways to honor God and adhere to His word in all situations and circumstances. Instead of saying, “God get me out of this”, say, “How can I honor and obey you in this situation, circumstance or issue?” Better still,  determine to worship him through everything.
      With God as your number one desire you will experience a more personal, real, and relevant relationship than imagined.  Your faith and power for Christian living will multiply.
Blessings to you!!!


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