Super excited to share a little about the southern California project.
The commission hasn’t changed –renewing minds and transforming lives. It’s a renovating, reconciling, restoring work set to destroy the works of darkness and lawlessness. God desires to bring order to chaos. He promises to give true life for superficial living. He has the power and will to restore all things to their divinely prescribed purpose. His aim is the revelation of his glory on earth.
He desires to give knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. I am persuaded that in this season, God is preparing those who love him to live an extraordinary life that can not be shaken. A life where you live with an acknowledging that God is first. He created you on purpose for the purpose of revealing his glory. You must keep him first. He does not compete with others. He is worthy of our trust and obedience.

Let us commit to worshipping him with our entire life.