From Pastor Cade’s Facebook notes:

Beloved of God, let us move from a place of carnal thinking, speaking, and actions to the powerful place of Spiritual living.

The aim of your life is to walk according to the Spirit; which means you are to manifest the glory, power, majesty, dominion, and authority of God in the Earth. Your life has eternal value and should be used to advance the purposes of the Kingdom of God. He created you…give him glory and honor. 

The challenge is most believers cannot accurately differentiate between walking in the Spirit and walking in the flesh. (Although most think they can) It seems we have reduced it to intellectual understanding, not really what God has said. We try to evaluate our walk based on our feelings and not faith.  We measure ourselves against our own standard of good and evil, not the standards of Christ. Discerning the difference positions you for a life of peace, power, and fulfillment. You must know the difference. Always remember God loves you and wants your life to really reveal his power.

Tune in to Transformation Wednesday, 13 July at 10:30 pm EST as we discuss more on this topic. 

Blessings to you.