Our estimation and subsequent expectation of what love is pales in comparison to the love that God gives. Or better yet, the Love that is God.  As your faith grows, your understanding and experience of his love must grow.  Consider that the height of your faith is in proportion to the depth of your love. Loving God produces the will to obey, the strength to stand, and the courage to face anything. God’s love makes you fearless.  It makes you wise.  It changes the tone and tenor of your faith walk to one less concerned with convincing others of your value, even sometimes yourself,  to intrinsically knowing it and refusing to settle for less than what God says should be so.  His love gives you a taste of His goodness that leads to an experience of his voice and presence that you get out of the boat and walk on water.  God’s love causes you to speak to the mountain, menace, and mediocrity with a faith-filled authority that they have nothing left to do to bow to his will.  His all-encompassing, life inspiring, liberty releasing love is cloaked in his word. His love is revealed in the blessing and the curse.  His promises are based on it. His provision comes from it.  His protection is the result of it.
Today, in a world so in need of his love, God is calling you to a more profound experience of it. He’s challenging you to lay aside every imagination or thought tainted by the world’s definition of love and inviting you to an understanding that will give you strength, renewed vision, and clarity.  Why you? Why now? Because He’s elevating your assignment and deepening your reservoir.  You must be able to give what you have been given freely.  It’s you because of the great need present in your world today. It is you.  It’s the fulfillment of your purpose and the catalyst to your destiny.
 All that you do must come from love. Your preaching, praying, and prophesying must be birthed out of love. Your marketing, cooking, teaching, singing must come out of love.  Skill and talent have its place, but the anointing and favor of God truly change lives beyond the temporary  circumstances.  It touches every domain and crosses all boundaries. You are called and chosen to impact your world.  He wants to increase your effectiveness.  God has a larger plan for you right where you are. It’s all been a part of his strategy. Now you must Let God arise! LOVE PREVAILS.  Perspective leads to victory. His love must infiltrate/saturate the  essence of who you are AND be the basis of everything you do.  When this is true, you will experience peace in chaos, joy in the midst of pain, unshakable confidence in the face of rejection, and courage that causes you to trust him no matter what comes.  His love leads you to an extraordinary life.  Remember, LOVE PREVAILS.