Many interpret the Apostle’s words urging us to love as passive and accepting of everything. Yet true love- the God kind- is active, always giving what is needed for healing, strength, wholeness, and ultimately, the revelation of the glory within the creation or created one.

Yes, love covers a multitude of sins because the character, power, and virtue of love are the basis for forgiveness, grace, and restoration. We must always remember that God is love. Love covers as healing takes place. This covering does not condone or encourage sin; it enables a strength to stand against evil as it freely shares the grace and mercy of God. We honestly only give what we have genuinely received.

If we want to grow in spiritual virtue and live an extraordinarily purpose-filled life, we must ask ourselves, how healing is the love I’m giving? But don’t stop there; also ask yourself how healing is the love I’m receiving? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this verse or topic.

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