Context matters. We often recite this verse to encourage others to think positively about themselves or elicit an accurate viewpoint of their self-worth. With good intentions and positivity in mind, this view might not be the worst thing ever; however, the context here gives essential insight into the spiritual impact of belief, specifically the phenomena that occur when things aren’t what they appear to be.

Wisdom says that what a person believes (internal) can affect you more than what he says. (external)
This is particularly important to understand when someone speaks kind or flattering words. It sounds good, and it’s welcomed. The words influence us because we want them to be true because they connect to our longings. We desire kindness, attention, accolades, or even connections.

The situation becomes even more complicated when connected to invitations, especially if there is an intense desire to connect.
The difficulty occurs when you respond to the words and do not consider the source. You may be excited or pleased with flattery or nice words; however, what the person believes impacts your inner man and the spiritual reality.

This is because what a man believes governs what comes next. Belief is the catalyst for action. Your thoughts have power.

Deception occurs when there is a miscommunication between what a person thinks and what he says. Flattering words can be deceptive and draw you in because of your desires. The words may soothe a longing of your soul, but you will only achieve long-lasting transformation and satisfaction if they are connected to the actual thoughts and intentions of the heart.

Beloved, don’t miss this; we are set to understand when relationships are not optimal; however, we must not get spiritually spooky and think that there is deception every time something feels off.

Remember, you must balance your knowledge with willing and humble prayerful submission to the Creator. Your protection comes through your faith in the finished work of the Son. Your triumphant victory comes from following the Holy Spirit’s leading. God desires that you live an extraordinary life and have extraordinary relationships.

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