In about 34 days, we will observe Pentecost. Many will talk about the power that fell in the upper room and speaking in tongues; opinions will vary, but before you get caught up in ALL that, here’s a question. Are you living in the power of the Spirit? Do you know what it means to be led by the Spirit? Is it a reality for your life or a fanciful thought?

Beloved, is your experience with God filled with the life, power, peace, and purpose he planned? You were created to live an extraordinary life, to be led by the Spirit, and to change the world (your world). You matter, and you were born for a specific purpose.

This is the hour of your revelation. You must be courageous. Yet this type of courage is not about doing the next thing or developing the next plan. It’s not about more “grind” or “hustle.” Your courage must be set toward obeying the word of the Lord. Are you courageous enough to stand? To believe? Beloved, obedience, and submission follow belief. Let’s connect and clarify how we will do it together this next season. Join our mailing list to stay in the know.