For the church to be effective it must enter into unparalleled prayer ministry. The prayer ministry of the church is: the church on her knees getting the instructions from God; then declaring and facilitating the accomplishment of His will on earth.  The highest function of the church is facilitating the will of God.  If the church does not do its job in prayer the works of God will remain undone.

God has determined that the power of accomplishing His will on earth rest with the church. He has given the church power and authority in the earth.  For a long time we have witnessed the world go lacking due to the diminished capacity of the church to execute its power and authority.  It is time for the church to accept its responsibility and authority. This acceptance starts at the place of prayer. We must seek to know the will of God before we attempt to do the works of God.  We must cease to be enamored by charisma and seek the manifestation of true power. The church has a huge job. Let us recognize that God wants to pray and understand His will. Then let us do it.  When our movements, programs, and initiatives are fueled by the revelation of God’s will it will galvanize the effectiveness and efficacy of the church.

Let us pray that we, the church, base all our movements on the revealed will of God and His eternal purposes. 

“Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:10

Blessings to you