God works on your life based on the permission you give him.

Think about it for a moment because working on your life is qualitatively different than working in your life. Your desire for a better life should lead you to a deeper level of surrender.

We want God to work for us, but he created us. We are here to work for him. God created you to please him.

We often want him to fix a situation or change a circumstance, but he wants to heal you so that you can face any situation with faith, courage, and confidence. Your ability to live by faith pleases him. God doesn’t need to fix a situation so you can please him. You must learn to please him in every situation.

So then, your willingness to surrender to God sends a message to heaven that you trust him with every aspect of your life. The one he gave you. The one he ordained for you. Your willingness to surrender becomes a declaration on the earth that God is in control, and you trust him to care for you. You trust him to bring you to an expected end and willingly defer to his plan.

Yet, he has given you free will.  You can choose to believe. You can choose to trust him. You get to choose to honor him. Your choices matter.

You might be thinking God can do whatever he wants to do, and you’re right. He can, but he will not violate his word. You must yield.

So, then with those things in mind, your ability to surrender dictates God’s ability to work on your life.

Today, I invite you to lift your hands, bow your heart and confess with your mouth, “Lord I surrender, have your way in my life that you will be pleased, and the world will know that I know you, believe you can, and will do all that you’ve said. I give you my life.”