It could also be said that the secret to developing a solid prayer life is to pray. So you must start.
Be deliberate and intentional about your prayer life because the vitality of your prayer life is directly correlated to the vibrancy of your life.

If you’ve struggled with prayer and given up on it, I invite you today to start again. Set an objective and reasonable goal and then pursue it.
What can you give to prayer today for 5, 10, 15 minutes? Commit to your plan, talk to God and then listen.

My prayer for your today is that your faith would be increased as you speak to the one who created you. My prayer for you is that He ignites the fire and passion for prayer in you by reminding you that He is the I AM and longs to talk with each one of his children. Beloved, whatever you’ve done, failed to do, or positively intend to you, I pray that your decisions and choices be anchored in the faith that comes from prayer.

Start again today. He loves you and wants to guide you.