Many go about doing works, even “good” works, but where is the man who will take up the spiritual work of the Lord?
     A spiritual work is that which is initiated by and fulfilled through the Holy Spirit. As the body of Christ, we must realize that any effort to fulfill or accomplish something apart from the Spirit (in the flesh) is really a lost effort. It does not lead to kingdom results though it may outwardly appear to be successful.  This is a huge problem in the body of Christ today since most measure success by standards other than those established by the Lord.  God does not have an issue with success, wealth, or material possessions; nevertheless, the truly successful life is the one governed and led by the Holy Spirit. 
     The man or woman governed by the Holy Spirit will accomplish spiritual work. The spiritual man or woman obeys the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He is sensitive to when he is leading and when he has stopped.  This sensitivity and spirit of obedience are not so much reflected in what is done, but in the ability of the work (God working through you) to touch the spirit of another.  When the spiritual work you do touches the spirit of another it will cause an increased consciousness of the reality of God. This raised awareness brings people to the dynamic power of salvation and the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
     Many in the world today are in need of the power, presence, and ministry of the Holy Spirit. The church is now being prepared (purified and restored), called upon (taken out of obscurity), and sent (not by man or organization but by divine commission) to respond to that need: the need for reconciliation with God as well as restoration of the joy of salvation among believers.
     I hear him ask, who will go?  Who will be crucified with Christ to that extent that only the life of the Spirit is released?  Beloved of God, commit to living a life surrendered to the Holy Spirit so that you can truly be a co-laborer with the Lord.   Let all your work be spiritual.
Blessings to you!