Lately, my iPod has been has been set to Maurette Brown Clark’s, The Dream. Track nine, “Sovereign God (reprise),” has been especially good as a part of my cool down play-list.  It is such a powerful reminder of the attributes of God. You know, all powerful, ever present, and all knowing.  Remembering that God is sovereign in our lives should cause frustration, apprehension, and anxiety to disappear.  Remembering that God is sovereign over our lives should also inspire us to take action or make necessary changes.  It gives us confidence to pursue our goals. Remembering the sovereignty of God should also ignite our faith and increase our trust.  Ironically, we may understand all this but lack the experience of radical faith and confidence that comes from trusting in it.  Many times, it isn’t our understanding of, or belief  that creates challenges but our limited trust. 

   Belief and trust are key elements that must be present in our lives to really experience abundant living.  Belief establishes vision and trust propels to action. Our belief that God is sovereign is tied to our faith. Our trust is demonstrated when we have enough confidence in his abilities to take action. It’s one thing to believe God can and another to trust that He will.  If you believe that God is sovereign and trust in His ability help you in every situation, you do not get entangled in fear when it is time to take action. You won’t panic when it’s time to make a decision.  You will have confidence in him.  In fact, you will have just as much confidence in his ability to protect and correct you as you do in his ability to bless and prosper.  Sometimes, we don’t take steps for fear of making a mistake which can cause us to really miss out on great opportunities.  This can hinder our fulfillment and ultimately our spiritual growth. In order to combat this, we must strengthen the connection between our faith and trust.

  Essentially,  powerfully connecting faith and trust moves you off the bench and on to the playing field. If you are feeling that there is more for you to experience and do in life but have not been propelled into action, one area you may want to inspect is the connection between your faith and trust.  Start completing actions that declare,” Lord, I trust you!!”  Not only will you be inspired but your faith will be increased. God’s plan is that you are actively engaged in life and that you enjoy it.  Position yourself to live the life that God designed for you.

   Take a moment to consider what the sovereignty of God means in your life and the plans pertaining to it. Are there any areas you need to strengthen the connection between belief and trust? What actions can you take that declare your trust in the God’s sovereignty?  Think about it and let me hear from you.

Be Blessed Today and Always,