Have you ever made a promise to pray more only to find yourself struggling with consistency, plagued by doubt, and guilty for not keeping your promise? You are not alone, but if you don’t want to be just one of the crowd and believe that there is power in prayer, check out these three quick tips to help you get back on track. Forget about the past and embrace a new invitation from the Father to a conversation. Here are a few simple strategies that will help you develop a more consistent prayer life.

Set a realistic time limit. Don’t allow your prayer time to be a purely random few moments, but set a practical time limit. 

Don’t fall for the trap of too long or too short. Respect and cherish the time to talk with God, and get started. Be honest with yourself about time and endurance. It’s not impressive to overcommit even if it’s just an internal promise between you and God. You will soon learn to trust God to help you increase your prayer strength and stamina. (believe in the ministry of the Holy Spirit)

Make a list of prayer priorities. Yes, that’s right, make a list of things, people, or situations important to you. The secret is not the list, but cultivating a habit of focused and deliberate prayer. (Never underestimate the power of focused prayer.)

Pray through your list. You might even write down notes next to the items on your list to guide your next prayer session. When you have finished, rejoice in the steps that you have made towards cultivating a more powerful prayer life. 

Today, know that God loves you, and he is waiting to hear from you.

Blessings to you,

Pastor MC