Last time, I talked a little bit about being souled out to God and promised to share some secrets to help you in your journey.  So, as promised…..


1.  Accept the word of God as authoritative in all situations.  They let the word of God shape them. It becomes their way not just a legalistic command of God that they must obey.  They do not allow their minds to stir up rationalizations or justifications for being unfaithful to the word of the Lord.  They simply obey.

2.   Pray with confidence and frequency.  They realize that prayer is not just a vehicle to get their way but an intimate time of communication with God that reveals his  mind and will.  

3.  Live a consecrated life.  A consecrated life is one set apart to bring glory and honor to God. It can also be defined as a life specifically set apart for God’s use.   It does not imply a life of boredom, lack, or being a hermit; but, speaks to the power of practicing purity and holiness in every area of life.  Those who are SOULED OUT maintain consecration as a lifestyle. 

If you start here, you will be well on your way to living a life that is completely surrendered and souled out to God. 

It is my prayer for you that your walk of faith be strengthened as you embrace his plan for your life. 

Be blessed today and always,