A life “S-O-U-L-E-D OUT” is one of great value to God.  It is one in which his power can flow freely.  It has the potential to deeply impact others. Its fruit is eternal. A “souled out” life brings the will of God from heaven to earth.  Are you “S-O-U-L-E-D OUT?”

Seems like a simple question, or at least we want it to be, but there are some subtle actions in our lives that may actually reveal a different picture.  Many times we think we are when we are not.  Here is where the grace of God kicks in.  It is God’s desire that we be souled out.  He wants to help us get there by causing us to answer some tough questions.   Take a moment to answer the following questions.  They may help kick start your process of discovering how souled out you really are.

Do you blame God for not being able to do things?  Sounds a little strange I know, but keep reading.  We often want to do things other than what God would have us do.  In those circumstances, we say things like, “I can’t do this or that because God says not too.”  On the surface it sounds nice and spiritual but it may reveal that your will has not become one with God’s.  Looking a little deeper at the “I can’t because God…” statement  may reveal what you would do in the absence of restraint or boundaries. It’s sort of like the child who says, I can’t play with matches because my mommy said not to. They have not learned the power behind the prohibition.  The child lacks the understanding of the power and impact of their actions. If that boundary wasn’t there they would probably play with the matches.  Don’t misunderstand here, I thank God for restraint and boundaries when we just don’t know what to do, yet spiritual maturity is demonstrated when have learned the power of obedience and choose righteousness for righteousness sake.

Do you repeat your prayers after having received an answer? Most think this is persistence in prayer; but really, it is a stubborn insistence on your own way.  Once God has revealed the answer to you, trust him, and move in the strength of that truth.  Seeking a different answer only reveals that you are moved by your soul and not the Spirit of God.

Do you entertain things/people/thoughts/ that you shouldn’t?   Many times we hold on to things that are not profitable or beneficial for us when we should let them go.  There is no room for compromise in the life of the one who is “souled out”.  Stand firm and in agreement with the thoughts, decisions, and ways of God. God has set a standard for your life, embrace it and prosper spiritually and naturally.  
Today,  make a decision to infuse your spiritual walk by being completely S-O-U-L-E-D OUT. The effects of your surrender will cause every area of your life to improve.  Later this week, I’ll share a few secrets of the S-O-U-L-E-D OUT to help further support your decision. Until then, I’d love to hear from you.

Blessings today and always,


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