Reverence for God is more than an idea.  The word itself is classified as both a noun and verb, which leads me to understand that reverence is what you have and what you do.   Reverence for the Lord means to have a deep respect, honor, and adoration toward him and his word. It also means to do the things that demonstrate your respect, honor, and adoration of him.  It is a heart position that produces corresponding action.   Spiritual reverence draws you closer to God and produces wisdom in you.   Wisdom is not only having knowledge, but also the ability to know when and how to apply that knowledge.  Reverence leads to wisdom; which in turn, leads to living a Kingdom focused life.  

I hear the Lord calling us, the body of Christ, to a higher level of reverence for him.  As the world seems to be moving farther and farther from him, we must continue to get closer and closer. We must not be influenced by the world. The world’s influence will cause you to treat the commands of the Lord in a common or unholy manner.  It causes one to live with a form of godliness, but void of the power that life in Christ produces.  You begin to take the acts of worship as just ritual or routine denying the true spiritual power that comes from them. You begin to settle.  You must step away from the world’s influence and realize that God has a greater plan for your life.

Christ wants to be revealed in you and through you.  The obedience and surrender that comes from reverencing the Lord leads to the character of Christ being formed in you.  As a believer you must remember that the world needs more of him and you are God’s greatest asset on Earth. You have a powerful purpose that can only be fully realized by reverencing the Lord.  In fact, your reverence for God should be impacting your life and the lives of others.  Ask yourself these questions:

Is my reverence for God really producing spiritual results?

What spiritual results am I witnessing in my own life?

How does my reverence for God impact others?


Today, make a decision to improve the quality of your spiritual life and expand your influence by reverencing the Lord more.  Hear the call of the Lord for greater reverence and simply respond with “Yes.”  Today determine that you are willing to reverence him more.  Tomorrow I’ll share more on how.


Blessings to you!