An amazing time of rest and reset in #ChristChurchBarbados leads to thoughts that I am persuaded that He is faithful and true. Rainbows on the first and last days remind that we must walk by faith in the presence of the One who keeps His promises. Looking out over the coast of #Bathsheba inspires a commitment to receive God’s love with gratitude and humility. His love is stronger than human frailty. His forgiveness gives strength and hope. The stalagmites and pure waters of #HarrisonsCave remind of the enduring and eternal power of His grace and mercy. His mercy endures forever.

I pray you will trust his leadership and learn to rely more on him than yourself. I pray that you always remember that He created you for His pleasure. You are an instrument in His hands; yield to the Master, and he will direct your path to the true wealthy place of wholeness, confidence, and fulfillment. Know this; God can satisfy you with all good things. Trust Him because He is the Savior, Restorer, Healer, Teacher, Provider, Lord, and Creator. He never fails. He loves you. May your view of his creation awaken a new level of awe and wonder. May each revelation inspire reverence for the One whose word never fails.

Blessings to you.

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