When it comes to managing resources, you must use wisdom.

God supplies everything you need.  God provides resources to accomplish His will in His time according to His plan.  His plan is always set for increase and success, even when it includes tearing down and demolishing.  (but that’s another lesson)

Yet, sometimes, you might wonder if your efforts are really making a difference.  This simple verse touches expectation management and shows where you can observe a return on your investment.

When you instruct the wise, he will become more discerning, and teaching the just man improves his understanding.

God gives clear insight to celebrate the small gains.

The wise one got a little wiser.  The just one obtained a little more light.

This is progress and a good use of godly wisdom and resources.

Every endeavor and every encounter will not be a notable as healing the man with the withered hand.  Still, every act of grace is just as miraculous and life-changing if it leads to greater revelation and true intimacy with God.

Here is such a profound revelation.  Wisdom gives a return on investment.  For the receiver, the gain is a better life.  The impartation and instruction of wisdom will enhance the quality of your life because it increases your understanding and respect for how to live before God.  For the instructor, the gain is encouragement that you’re on the right track.    You must learn to see the fruit spirit-led work produces, and you will grow in grace and the confidence that God orders the steps of a righteous man.

Beloved, be encouraged in your life and purpose.  Celebrate the small victories.  Rejoice and be glad, for this is the day the Lord has made.