It seems today, even among some leaders, “Kingdom” has almost taken on a type of buzz word status.  Many say it, some acknowledge it, but few truly live under the authority and rule of God which, in fact, is Kingdom.  The departure from living in line with true Kingdom principles and values has left man in greater need of a Savior than ever before.  This creates quite a problem for man, but God has already provided a solution… His Word a.k.a. Jesus Christ.  As a believer you should desire to live a life consistent with the principles of the Kingdom.  Although there are many aspects of living a kingdom life, today, I want to share a few thoughts on valuing and living the word.  

1. Honor the Word of God. To honor is to place a higher regard on its life giving power than your own habits, opinions, and thinking.  You must value the Word more than life itself.

2.  Receive the Word.  To receive the word means to listen with a heart to obey or put into practice what you’ve heard.  The Word is transforming—but only if you apply it.  Don’t just listen, but do what it says.  When you receive enlightenment put it into practice immediately.

3. Declare the Word.  This is not a blanket call for everyone to come out preaching, but to let the power of your life testify to the perfecting, saving, delivering, refining power of the Word. Your life has been given to reveal the glory and power of God. It does that as you live for him.

Remember, you have been given a sphere of influence and when you walk in humble submission to the Word of God the light of God within you shines and declares his goodness.

Blessings to you,