Lately, my daughter’s favorite word is “random.”   In her estimation everything often seems arbitrary and disconnected.  As I listen to her conversations I work to help here make connections and see the big picture not just because I am her mom and that’s what moms do, but because I believe that even when things seem random there is order and purpose.  So, this morning I share some of my random thoughts.  I hope you will see the order and purpose.

1.  Let there be no disparity between the power God has placed in you and the power that is demonstrated in your life. Live the truth that you know.  Strive to walk and live by faith in God alone.

2.  Let there be no difference between the character of God and your character. Yield to the total ministry of the Holy Spirit. He is developing you. He is transforming you into the vessel that God desires you to be.

3.  Let there be no inequality between your thoughts, words, and actions and those of the Lord.   Righteousness yields righteousness.  If you think, speak, and do that which is right according to the Lord you will walk in power.