KILLEEN, Texas – Kingdom Center International (KCI) is set to kick-off Radical Church worship experiences at 9:30 a.m., Oct. 1 at the Killeen Civic and Conference center located at 3601 South W.S. Young Drive.

Radical Church worship and prayer service will occur on the first Sunday of each month for sixth months.  The rest of the month is dedicated to Monday night life and leadership training.  Cade calls it, “next level discipleship,” and believes the methodology will help people at every level of faith experience God and live a life fueled by relevant and real faith.

Mikaela Cade, KCI senior pastor, will lead the worship experiences as well as weekly life and leadership training sessions known as Mentorship Mondays.

“Radical Church differs from the more traditional paradigm in that the Sunday-type worship experiences are only held once a month, at least initially,” Cade said.  “The rest of the month we’re focused on education, instruction and training for life and ministry.”

Using a platform of biblical teaching, ministry inventories, personality assessments, and other resources, participants can expect to discover their true spiritual character, connect to their purpose and deepen their commit to God’s plan.

“Life is real.  We face difficult issues every day, and the fact is, many times tough issues aren’t dealt with, but I believe the church is equipped to deal with them better than anyone else,” Cade said. “Our focus is all about growing the faith of the believer in real and relevant ways which will expand the Kingdom.” “The world needs more from the church and we must answer the call.   Radical Church is the acknowledgement that it’s time to move beyond salvation and on to Kingdom expansion; Radical Church which includes worship, prayer and study will help you get there,” Cade said.

Sessions are carefully designed to help you learn the power and purpose of spiritual disciplines in order to gain the confidence you need to live a spiritually powerful life. Mentorship Mondays will focus on doing the internal and external work required to be a Kingdom asset.

“My assignment is to ‘strengthen God’s warriors’ which means to give believers spiritual knowledge, share wisdom, and provide insight using the spiritual tools required for powerful living.  Sunday’s worship and prayer as well as Mentorship Mondays will give each participant a real and relevant sense of how to implement God’s truth into their lives,” she said.

Discussion topics are not limited to routine topics, but address real life issues. The task is to challenge you to a new level of faith, commitment and obedience.

We’re looking forward to this new beginning in Killeen, and hope that those who feel called to commit to the vision will consider coming out to the first service on October 1.  Everyone is welcome.

Opportunities exist for those who are ready to serve and looking for a place to connect and carry out ministry.

“I’ve spent many years working with a transient ministerial population, and as a result understand how to assess and incorporate both seasoned and novice ministers into the mission,” she said.  “We definitely have a need for people to help advance the mission in Killeen…honestly throughout Texas. The vision is bigger than I imagined and I’m confident with God we’re going to do some incredible things.  Anyone who wants to know more about the mission and vision can contact us.  If they’re interested in being a part of the team, that process begins with a personal appointment with me.”

Anyone interested in helping advance the mission is welcome to contact KCI Launch Team via email at or by phone at (512) 782-9989.

In preparation for October KCI will host:

Prayer Call:

Monday, September 18– 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Monday, September 25– 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.


Webinar:  “Three Secrets Every Believer Must Know to Successfully Live Their Purpose,” Thursday, September 28 from 7 – 8:15 pm CT.  The webinar is free, but registration is required. More information on registration will be released soon.

For more information, please contact us via email at:  or by phone (512) 782 -9989.