Happy New Year!

As you go about making resolutions and setting goals for the New Year it is important to remember the divine prioritization principle of a believer’s life:   “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness…” (Matt 6:33).

When you honor the divine priority of your life, you will find unprecedented protection and victory. You will be able to freely execute the plans he has placed in your heart. You will move definitively because you have the assurance of his presence.  Seeking the kingdom first gives you true peace. You will have greater confidence in the fact that your steps have been ordered by the Lord. You will continually rejoice knowing that your needs will be met through the power of the Lord. 

This year, 2010, promises to be an incredible experience in the lives of those who are faithful.  I am fully persuaded that the church (the called out ones) will rise and demonstrate the dominion and authority of God in unparalleled ways.  I am just as persuaded that an important component of that demonstration begins with proper prioritization.  So in all you are planning for the year, remember to seek the kingdom of God first.

Blessings to you!