Here is the final portion.  If you haven’t read Part I & II you may want to go back and catch up.

4. Rely on God’s strength

Humility is the critical component of relying on God’s strength. Humility is not self-confessed modesty or an abrogation of personal power. It is acknowledging another’s authority and yielding to it. Philippians 2 provides an excellent example of Jesus’ humility. All in all we are to be dependent upon God and not ourselves. Our words express where we believe our strength comes from. Words like, “I can take it,” or “I can do “or even “I can handle it…” can sometimes unwittingly undermine your success by causing you to focus on your strength instead of God’s. Speaking based on your own ability blocks the release of God’s power. While it is true, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” often our words are not filled with reliance on Christ, but on our own will. It is God’s desire that you rely on him and his strength. That means knowing and depending on his word and trusting his ability to make the word true. Many times we move in our own strength when we are tired of waiting.

Apply this truth: If you find that you have been speaking from your own strength, confess that to God and set your heart to depend on him. Surrender to the Lord’s plans and purpose. Remember to give thanks in all things. When struggles or conflicts arise be deliberate in your obedience. Trust the word of the Lord and wait on God instead of launching out to fight your own battles.

You must speak in line with your faith. Always speak according to the vision that God has set for your life. Learn to speak strategically: in line with your faith, the vision God has set, and the perfect timing of your life. Soon you will begin to eat the fruit of your labor.

Ultimately, what you say is critical to your life and success; therefore, speak skillfully and strategically.

Finally, be assured that God’s plan for your life is well within reach. Your extraordinary life of success and fulfillment is attainable…you must speak it!

Blessings to you!