A few lessons we learn from mothers… 

Mothers have influence.   You as a believer, whether mother or not, have influence too.  God expects you to use your influence not just for personal gain, but also to release others into their destiny.  Pray that you understand how fulfilling your purpose will serve others.

Mothers have a vision for their children.  They want better lives, easier roads, more success, love, peace, and happiness for them.  You must have vision for those you lead.   Pray that you are able to connect with the plan God has for those you lead.

Mothers work to bring out the best in their children by giving them love, guidance, and correction.   As a leader, you must have confidence in the ability and potential of those under your influence. You must work to bring out the best in them.  Pray that you see others as God sees them.

Mothers speak life into their children.  The words of a mother can give children courage, allay fears, and build self-confidence.  You, God’s servant, have the power to release others into their destiny through the words that you speak.  You must see them as God sees them and speak in line with his truth. Use your words to give confidence, allay fears, and build self-confidence in those you influence. Pray that you speak in line with God’s word.

Jesus’s mother released him into a new level of influence at the wedding feast of Cana.  She understood his potential and had confidence in his ability. The Bible records that this encounter was the beginning of miracles that Jesus did which revealed his glory and caused others to believe on him. This week consider those you influence, how can your words help them move closer to fulfilling their destiny?  Invest in the life of another. Make a diligent effort to “mother” them and know that God will give you an exponential return on your investment.

Blessings to you!