Happy Mother’s Day

If you know me, then you know for me, ALL things begin with God—yep, even Mother’s Day, so whether you are a biological, adopted, bonus, step, spiritual, stand-in, step-up, or any other name you want to put on it – embrace your assignment and celebrate your calling today.  If you have been called to nurture and support a child and contribute to their purpose and give things that come uniquely from the XX chromosome set then happy Mother’s Day to you.  Yeah, this is a longer post—but stick with me. It’s biblical.

God created all things and all things were created by him and for his pleasure.  When it comes to mothering, it’s not just a role, it’s a calling and an assignment.  It doesn’t matter if you got there by accident, by great and deliberate intention, with great pain, after years of waiting or longing — the job of mothering is purposeful.  It’s about more than just having a cute baby and bringing joy to your life.  It’s about more than having someone to make you feel complete and worthwhile.  It’s about more than combing hair and buying clothes.  The job is about God’s purpose. Parenting is stewardship. God gives life. All souls belong to God.  Therefore, everyone who has a birthday has a God-given purpose. Mothers, and yes fathers, have a unique and irreplaceable role in ensuring their children are set for purpose. (but today is about Moms)

When I study the work of mothers from Eve to Mary, I am not just overwhelmed with thoughts, I am in awe of the plan and purposes that God sets in the heart of a mom to be a part of his plans. Their faith, their commitment, their sacrifices, all serve as a testament to the power and beauty of motherhood.  

From Eve, who kicked this whole thing off, especially that pain in labor part, we learn that as mothers, we can overcome anything.  There is joy and pain in mothering. We must commit ourselves to God, and he will manage our children.  Remember, God dealt with Cain and Able and their mom’s sin.  

Isaac was the son of Sarah. Sarah’s journey into motherhood teaches us that God is faithful to his promises no matter how long it takes. You better be on the lookout for what He said.  It will come. In fact, when you laugh because it seems absurd, get prepared.

Rebekah teaches us not to be dissuaded when there is strife in the family, even if you have played a part in creating it. Sometimes, it was there before your actions. Nevertheless, you must surrender to God and allow His plans to prevail.  He does indeed get the glory.

Moses, Aaron, and Miriam’s mom, Jochebed, teaches us that sometimes trusting God includes being willing to sacrifice and understand his timing.  Jochebed’s courage and compassion for her infant son led to his earthly salvation and was the perfect setup for his purpose.  She hid him in the reeds of the Nile to keep him from being killed, and he grew up in the palace.  Aaron and Miriam were integral to the fulfillment of God’s plan.

 Samuel’s mom, Hannah, teaches us that you must keep your vows to God. Hannah prayed hard for Samuel and vowed to God that she would give the child back to him. She did. Can you imagine that?  You wanted a child so badly.  You waited years.  You finally got one.  You promised God you’d give it back. Sometimes, we make smaller promises to God and don’t keep them, but Hannah took her son to the temple and dropped him off. IJS. Commitment.  Dedication.  She’s a woman of her word. (I digress. In my head, I was preaching) She kept her word to God, and the Lord blessed her with five children.  We call it grace.

John the Baptist’s mom, Elizabeth, teaches us that you are never too old to be anointed and fulfill your purpose, and your entire life has meaning.  Elizabeth was a woman of advanced maternal age, and it was hard to believe she would even conceive, but by the grace and PLAN of God. She and Zechariah did.  I’ll talk more about this in class, but Zechariah was made mute because he lacked faith.  Your purpose cannot grow in unbelief, so God took care of that.

Mary, the mother of Jesus.  God called Mary to the incredible and miraculous assignment of mothering Jesus. What? Mary teaches us the promise takes faith. And you know what? It wasn’t  all rainbows and butterflies.  It didn’t even start off easy. Imagine the after-prayer conversation with Joseph. Wait! I’m pregnant and engaged to another man, and I didn’t even do anything to get this way—that’s how the after-the divine visitation conversation started in my mind. Yet, Mary, full of faith, accepted the assignment, not knowing all that would come, and fulfilled the plan for her life and leaves us with a word we can all embrace today when we consider our role as mothers, “I am the Lord’s servant, Mary answered, “Be it unto me according to thy word.” 

Beloved, know that you are doing incredibly spiritual work. Mothering is a calling and an assignment.  It’s a part of your purpose, so embrace it with your whole heart.  Recognize that warfare and opposition come with the territory, but most of all recognize that results belong to God. Live, love, laugh, and learn with humility and authenticity.  Be willing to forgive and ask for forgiveness. Give love readily and never let anyone make you feel like you have a love deficit.  God gives you everything you need. Live better as you learn more and recognize that everyone has their own path to follow. You are the mom or mom-figure, because you have something to give. Give it and keep moving. Pray always.  Keep the faith. You will make mistakes.  Learn from them and keep moving. God covers the gaps. We call it grace and mercy. Always be willing to fight for righteousness. Your kids aren’t always right. Teach them that. Things won’t always go their way.  Teach them how to respond to that. Honor God in your calling and He will bless your life.


Happy Mother’s Day!



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