God is the originator of living your best life, becoming a better version of yourself, and every way you might say it. He wants you to live your best life. He created you for it. He wants nothing less for you, he’s committed to it, and only he has the power to get you to your expected end. Will you trust him to do it his way?

Don’t be deceived by the complaining or the flattery of the world. Too much attention to either will make you take matters into your hands. You will try to control scenarios and outcomes. You will worry about what to do next or what will happen or maybe even fixate on what you think you should be doing but aren’t. This is not the life he planned for you.

When you are “doing the most” in your life, you will wrestle with issues like doubt, fear, anxiety, indecision, insecurity, and trust. These things are antithetical to your life’s plan and keep you from realizing God’s highest purpose.

When God is leading, there is true peace even in the storm. When God is leading, there is wisdom, power, and strength. When God is leading, your heart continues to turn to him. When God is leading, you realize how much you really need him.

Beloved, your true and best life is discovered as you grow in Christ. God’s word transforms you from good to better to best as you surrender and obey. Always remember God is for you and faithfully promises to complete the good work he started in you. You must trust him. Today, decide that you will yield to his way of thinking, speaking, and living in pursuit of the best version of yourself. Blessings!