Over the past few weeks the Word of the Lord has been sharp and serious.  Humbly, I share a few of these thoughts with you.

Change is required and God’s mercy waits to be released. He is waiting for us to call upon him.  Increased prayer is mandated, especially among spiritual leadership. The priests and the ministers must cry out to the Lord for mercy. 

God is preparing those who are willing to take Kingdom position to manifest all the glory and power of the only true and living God. The preparation involves shaking, pressing, stretching, and whatever other actions of the Spirit are required to reveal that which has been deposited in you.

The Lord desires his people to take personal responsibility for the change he desires to send by calling upon him. You must want change manifested in your life so completely that you are willing to rethink, rework, and remove everything that keeps you from God.  There must truly be the acknowledgement that there is no other possibility, except to call upon him for the manifestation of his power in your life.  It is not possible to sit back and think the same thoughts, do the same actions, speak the same words, and really expect things to change.

God’s promises are already released. They are ready to burst forth like drops of oil. It is the heat and passion that comes from our heartfelt cry that will cause this outpouring.  We must diligently pray for the release of new wine. 

Many are crying out to the Lord for help, rescue, change, and so forth; yet, I cannot say emphatically enough that his response is and has been: “Amend your ways and your actions, and I will cause you to dwell in this place.  Do not trust in the security of vain words and the lure of an imagined relationship with the Lord.” So often words are spoken that sound spiritual to the untrained ear, but it is the heart that really reveals the truth.  God does not look on the outward appearance, but the heart. Psalm 14:1 reveals,” the fool has said in his heart there is no God.” There is no room for lip service when it comes to living for the Lord.  It is not appropriate to sound spiritual but harbor iniquity. This breaks the prayer connection.  Your heart must agree with the words that you speak. When your heart and your words are in agreement, your outward actions are powerful and life giving.    

 The Lord is not moved by tears. 

The Lord reminds us that all we need is in Him.  We access it through understanding and obeying His word. Trust him.  You can have all that you need if you will really set your heart to obey him completely.

Some people are asking, “Why and I am still facing the same issues? There are many possible answers to that question. First, it is possible that some have fallen in love with the idea of calling upon God to rescue them, but then move away from the personal responsibility to do what is right. Second, it is also possible that you have not sought the Lord for clear guidance on what steps need to be taken in order to prevail. Third, it is entirely possible that you have tried to devise your own plan of attack.   Each of these examples falls short of what the Lord wants his people to do.

The Word of the Lord is clear: you are to be dependent on him and his word alone.  Your faith requires that you willingly do the righteous thing at all cost. Sometimes disobedience remains because of fear the “fall out”. You must trust God with your whole life. He alone has the power to overcome consequences, even those brought on by your own choices.  The enemy comes in to make you fearful, but God has given you power, love, and self-discipline.   Make no mistake about it, disobedience grieves the Lord and hinders your change.  It prevents the blessing commanded upon your life from reaching you.  You must decide and commit to radical and complete obedience in everything from your attitude to your actions.

The Lord has released a promise of mercy and healing. His desire is to pour out mercy and reverse loss in the lives of his people.  God wants to restore the years that the locust, cankerworm, palmerworm, and caterpillar have eaten. This promise of restoration gives you a reason to rejoice and trust him even more.  It reminds us to never be afraid. It reminds us that God is the one who can turn your life around.

This promise of restoration brings rejoicing, but don’t get caught in a sea of emotionalism. Remember that the activation of a promise is ultimately tied to your cooperation with God. You must surrender to his will. He will not override yours.  Your surrender will unlock the door to restoration, favor, and peace.

Beloved of God, he desires to do greater things in you and through you that the Kingdom would be expanded.  It is the desire of the Lord to prove first to you and then to the world that he is the only true and living God, the Almighty.    I pray that you hear the Kingdom call.

Blessings to you!