After a few conversations with fellow prayer warriors, I thought it would be good to share some of the insights from the 30/30 prayer experience.

Here are a few that were shared. I invite you to also share your lessons learned, testimonies, and insights with us.



1.  Prayer is transactional and transformative.  As you send your requests up toward heaven be attentive to the fact that God wants to reveal His will to and through you.

2.  The act of prayer should be undertaken with discipline and faith.  Faith moves God and discipline shows a commitment to that faith.

3.  Prayer is the most spiritual thing you will do in a day.  God’s daily provision for our lives centers us and strategically positions for the days events.

4.  A powerful prayer life will increase your effectiveness in the kingdom. It always comes down to the will of God. Prayer gives you greater awareness of the will of God for your life causing you to effectively worship through the activities of your life.

5.  Answered prayer is the privilege of the believer.  God gives answers to prayer. He delights in answering the prayers of His children.