This is my first post. I am excited about it and interested to see what it will grow into. As I start, my thought is simply to open up a stream of God consciousness that will cause us to grow in our Christian walk. I hope that you won’t just read and leave but share your thoughts and comments as we build this community together.

On beautiful morning, I was sitting on the terrace having cup of tea with my husband when a cat came into our yard and headed directly to our little fish pond. My husband in his usual joking manner made a strange sound (I think to get his attention) and then started to laugh as we tried to figure out what noise he was trying to make. Anyway, the cat moved closer to the little pond full of Japanese Koi in our yard, in fact, he stood right on the edge and looked around, planning his attack. I said to the cat, “get away from my fish.” He jumped back and looked up at the terrace right at me, I said, “Yes, you heard me, now get out of the yard.” He ran behind a tree. I said,” I can still see you, get out of here. He immediately darted out of the yard through the gate. My husband looked at me and said, you really think that cat was listening to you? I just laughed and said he’s gone right?
Later, as I was heading into the house, I started to think of course that cat heard me and of course he obeyed. God gave us dominion over everything (okay well at least over the fish of the seas, the fowls of the air, and every creeping thing that creepeth over the earth–reference Genesis 1:26.) Dominion speaks of authority, right or power. When you stand and walk in authority everything must respond to you. Think about it for a minute, Adam didn’t have a problem with the animals in the garden. He was, as we are, made in the image and the likeness of God. Therefore, when he spoke things responded to him, as if they were responding to God—obediently. Along the same lines, when we speak if we are truly reflecting the image and likeness of God, then those things we have been given dominion over must respond-obediently. When we open our mouth it should be a pure reflection and demonstration of the power and presence of the Lord. God is unseen yet the world responds to the power of His word– so it should be for us who are created in His image and likeness. We are created in His image so, they should see you but hear God.
Just a few “streaming thoughts of God consciousness.” Be Blessed today and always.