As a child I had an imaginary friend.  We often read books, played school, and even had tea parties. Not surprisingly, all the same things I love doing today.  What I didn’t know then was that this relationship was training me in the faithful practice of living by faith.

Although Kimberly could not be seen by anyone but me, I was never content with simply giving her imaginary paper and crayons. When we colored or had tea, I would always put things out for her.  Her presence was so real that it compelled me to act accordingly.

Faith always demands an active response. What you believe should translate to real, observable action.  If there is faith, but no corresponding action, you may intellectually agree with a doctrine or teaching, but you might not believe it… yet.

Faith in God always brings along with it the desire and courage to obey His word. The actions of your life are the clearest display of what you believe.

Today’s challenge is to increase the connection between the activity in your life and the faith you possess.

I invite you to consider what you believe about an issue important to you. Then ask yourself, “Do my belief, words, and actions line up with faith in God?”

Here are a few thoughts to get to started:  You believe prayer works…do you do it consistently? You believe God has forgiven your sins…do you live life unashamed?  You believe God knows the plan for your life…do you consult him?  Do you trust him? And while there are a million other questions I could write, I think you get it.

Remember that the Kingdom of God must be expanded, and your life lived by faith is critical to accomplishing the mission. You are a part of  God’s plan.  Your faith keeps you in the fight.  God is always pleased with the demonstration of true faith in Him, so live like you believe every day.

Blessings to you,