Have you seen God today?  If not, better check your vision.

If natural vision is one of the most important senses we have, spiritual vision is even more important.  Vision is necessary as we are told to seek: God, his kingdom, and his righteousness.  Spiritual vision is so important that the Bible is full of references to the healing those who lack it.  Jesus often healed natural blindness to make us aware of the state of spiritual blindness.  Spiritual vision has purpose and power. Without it we can not accomplish all that we should.  It is tied to the fulfillment of the ultimate plan of God for the kingdom, the church, and you the individual believer.

The plan of God for the kingdom, the church, and the individual believer cries out for fulfillment.  In order to fulfill divine purpose, your vision must be sharper than 20/20.  Specifically, you must be able to see far above what “normal” people can see.  To see above what is considered normal is to see supernaturally.  This type of sight is to enable you to make the intangibility of faith tangible.  Sharp spiritual vision positions you to do the impossible.  Are you ready to do the impossible? I hope so, because God is ready for you to do it. To sharpen your spiritual vision you must take into proper account the following:  being born again and practicing purity. Being born again gives the provision to see but purity opens you up to the experience.   

Today, I invite you to improve your visual acuity by first being born again and then embracing greater purity in your life.  Purity should be demonstrated in thoughts, words, and actions.  This will open the door to sharper vision. 

Remember, Matthew 5:8,” blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”  

Blessings today and always,