Everytime I think of the wise men traveling to Bethlehem to present their gifts to Jesus I am amazed.   Their journey wasn’t easy, yet they were committed.  After all, there were no planes, trains, or automobiles to get them to the intended destination quickly.  In fact, their  GPS didn’t have  fancy three dimensional pictures but it’s accuracy can’t be denied.  They traveled a great distance;  going through hostile territories, yet they were determined to present their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the holy child.  Today,  I am reminded that we should do the same– present our gifts to the Lord.  We should be committed to  the task when times are good or bad, in plenty and in want, when the sun shines and when it rains.    We should daily give him our best– gold, frankincense and myrrh– through the integrity, beauty, and excellence of our lives and in the execution of our vocations and occupations. 

As you share time with family and friends, giving gifts, sharing  love and joy, laughing about past memories and creating new ones, take some time to consider your gift to God.  He doesn’ t want an IPOD, jewelry, or a Wii.  He simply wants you to present your body a living sacrifice, holy, and acceptable to him and while you’re at it, don’t think, act, or be motivated by the same things that motivate or inspire those who do not share like faith.  Let your mind be renewed so that your daily experience proves the power and authority of the only true and living God.  

Blessings today and always,