Just a word to share that will I pray will guide you to remain faithful to the mission that God has placed in your heart.


he word of the Lord is:  God intends to bless you.   In midst of chaos, down-turned economies, challenges at home and work, and every imaginable test and trial the word of God prevails. He stands ready to bless you. Knowing that it is God’s full intention to bless you, the question is, “Are you ready to step into the blessing?”

Stepping into this new era of blessing requires two things: faith and action.  Don’t simply get hyped on the surface, but go deeper in understanding and application of this word. It will change your heart, your mind, and even the way you do business.   Believing that God intends to bless you in more ways than you can imagine is a good start.  It is the part that requires the activation of your faith.  I know, we’ve heard it all before. In fact, we have been hearing forever that God wants to bless you.  Now is not the time to desensitized to the message.  You must be willing to take him at his word.  Activate your faith.  Does it seem too hard to believe, now?  Then remind yourself that nothing is impossible for God.  Does the thought of God blessing you not really add up?  Then remind yourself that God is faithful, full of compassion, and mercy.  You must activate your faith.  Take your thoughts captive and dismiss negativity, doubts, and fears.  The enemy wants you to disqualify yourself from the message of God, but you must silence all the voices around you and bury the word deep in your heart.   God wants to bless you.  Receive the word in faith and allow the peace, joy, and hope it brings to flood your soul.  Then out of that strength arise and get into action.   God’s intent to bless is factual, but there is more.  It is the personal responsibility that you have.  Remember that God has always said that he blesses obedience. 

 In order to step into this season you must be willing to follow the plan that leads you to the blessing.   Here is where you must couple faith with action.  This is the part that I think separates the proverbial “men from the boys.”  You see, everyone can shout about the proclamation of the Lord and his intent, but few will go on to actually receiving it. Many miss out because once God says he is going to bless, they stop pursuing, take a seat, and wait.  For this season, this is not God’s way. It is the season to continue to work. You must work for righteousness’ sake.   If God says, I will bless the work of your hands; that means your hands must be working.  If God says, I will speak to you in midnight prayer that means you must be praying at midnight.  God is not to be confused with the famous restaurant that taught us we could have it our way.  He is God of creation, the God of Heaven and Earth.  He speaks of his intention and we are compelled as recipients of grace to honor him with our lives. We must always do our part which is never more than what he has done.  Remember, continue to work and pursue the things God has placed in your heart. 

 Today, I challenge you to determine that you will go on and receive the fullness of the blessing.  That you will make the will of God known on earth as it is in heaven.  Before you read any further, settle in your heart that God’s word is for me and I will receive it wholeheartedly.

God intends to bless you.  It’s a fact, yet the truth is some will not enter into this blessing; not because they are excluded by God, but because they will exclude themselves.  He will bless all those who willingly obey him.  Faith and action must be partnered with obedience to the word.  Not just the part you like, but the full gospel.  Honor God with your whole life.  Honor him and worship him with your thoughts, conversation, and action.  Honor him wherever he sends you.  Pursue holiness and live by the standards of God. If you miss the mark, confess that to God and get right back up and march ahead in pursuit of him.  Don’t allow a mistake or two to disqualify you from experiencing what God has planned for you.   Don’t think that because you may have dropped the ball, the game is over.  My friend, God intends to bless you to show the world who he is.  It is a part of his plan.  Recognize that God determines to bless out of his holy, righteous character.  He moves in accordance with his plan. I believe the war fare surrounding this word will be that the enemy would try to have you believe you are not worthy of blessing.  God sees and says differently. You were created by him; he loves you, and has a tremendous plan for your life.  Receive his word for your life and prosper.

God has in store for you a new day, a new season—great change! 

Tomorrow I will share the three things that you should obediently undertake to experience this move of God.

Blessings to you!