I love rainbows. When my husband called and said, “Step outside of your office, there’s a rainbow out there for you,” I wasn’t prepared for the beauty of seeing two of them.  I stood for a moment and just looked at them; beautiful, breathtaking, and remarkable. Now, I won’t go into all that rainbows mean to me, (just think of Noah) but I will say that as I thanked God for their beauty and wonder, I started to laugh at the thought of my extremely busy husband calling to tell me about it.   The gesture was much more meaningful than waiting until evening when we were both home to ask me if I had seen it.  He knows they are special to me and maximized that moment by sharing it.  Although the gesture was meaningful in itself, the subsequent thoughts  on marriage were equally as meaningful.  

     Not only is marriage about sharing and sacrifice but it is also about fulfilling purpose and promises; God’s, your spouses, and yours.  God created marriage and it is good.  In fact, it is designed to accomplish something in you,  in your spouse, and for the kingdom.  Yes, marriage is definitely kingdom business.  We sometimes mess it up. We start them, end them, and even start them again.  Yet the plan and purpose of God remains the same.  As a married person, you are responsible for working with God to help your spouse be or become all that God desires them to be. I not taking away individual responsibility for them to comply with God as well,  I am only saying that when you marry, you agree to be a part of the plan of God.   We must learn that ultimately in a marriage our submission is to God. 

     Another purpose of marriage is to get you closer to God.  Our thoughts, ideas, and actions towards our spouse are most effective when they support that purpose. We are able to help them move along the pathway to the Father. We can be a catalyst to their continued growth and development by helping them strengthen their connection to the Lord.   You and your spouse should be submitted to one another in such a way that even the small things you do, contribute to strengthening this connection. Moving each of you along the path towards God takes your relationship to a more fulfilling level. 

     Who would have thought that a husband, a rainbow, and a phone call, could spark such thoughts? Today, I leave you with a couple of questions.  How often do the things you do cause your spouse to remember the Lord in all his goodness?  Can you name three things that clear the pathway for your spouse to more powerfully connect with God? I challenge you to maximize your moments and work in concert with God.  You marriage will benefit from it, so will you, but most all the kingdom of God.
      Think about it and let me hear from you.
      Be Blessed Today and Always,