In 2 days, God willing, I will join more than 15,000 of my closest running buddies to conquer a 26.2 mile course in the “Eternal City.”  As I make  final preparations and consider the last few months I am awestruck by the  purpose and plan of God.   It has been an interesting journey; He has been with me all the way.  I‘ve run thousands of conditioning miles. I counted and prayed through every one. I’ve experienced many days of sore and aching muscles which reminded me that adhering to your recovery plan is just as important as the training plan.  I’ve even had to deal with a training injury—the dreaded black toenail.  Actually, thanks to running coach, Jeff Galloway, I think of it as a badge of honor earned when I took my running to the illustrious “next level.” 

During the process, I have managed to remain committed to training in perfect weather, excessive heat, freezing temperatures, rain, wind, and even snow. Oh! Did I mention training when I was tired and just didn’t “feel” like running.  I’ve had to evade dogs, rodents, bicyclers, and even drivers on cell phones.   Further still, my routes have taught me how to navigate all types of terrain: cobblestone, gravel, dirt, and asphalt to name a few.  Each encounter a lesson.  It’s been a test of strength, balance, control, and sometimes just the sheer determination that comes from faith.   Honestly, it has been an amazing spiritual journey. 

The conversations I’ve had with God have been enlightening and entertaining.  He has sharpened, refined, and increased me. He has reminded me of some things and asked me to give up others, but most of all He has demonstrated His unfailing love.  This was all a part of His plan.  I am grateful.

In the next few posts, I will share some of those lessons with you.  I pray you will be enriched without having to run all the kilometers/miles (unless, that is your personal goal).

Today, I want to encourage you not to be afraid to pursue God’s big, radical, awesome goal for your life because with God nothing is impossible!

Stay tuned for more.

Blessings to you!