Standing in front of a replica of St. Marks Square at the Palazzo, I remembered all my visits to Venezia, savoring risotto Tartufo and the trials and triumphs of ministry work while living in Itay.

From the leadership training shenanigans to 4 a.m. intercessory prayer to conferences in Germany to learning the impeccable timing of the German train schedule, it was a fascinating season of growth and learning.

As the thoughts ran through my mind, I whispered a simple prayer of gratitude, “God, I thank you for every opportunity and experience you have given me– I am grateful.”
Before I could say amen, I heard, “Where do you see me?
I responded. “You are everywhere.”
I heard, “Yes.”

Then the scenes, events, people, and places replayed in my mind.
This time there was a more profound sense of reverence as I considered the divine lessons and points of growth that came from the revelation of truth.

Looking up at the Vegas sky, it became abundantly clear that our memories have divine value. More than merely rehearsing the events of the past to stir up emotion, we must recollect our awareness of God’s presence, power, and work in those moments.

We must manage our emotions and pay attention to the truth of the situations. It is important to note that your honest memory may not be the truth.

The power of the memory is not even whether something was good or bad, but that GOD was is and is to come. God is eternal.

Your memories honor the Lord by creating confidence in him and respect for the life he has given you.

Our memories can be the accelerant to the fire needed to fuel our next season, but many times they are selective and tied to emotions triggering good or bad feelings, which may lead to a change in attitudes and actions.

Consider this; God never wanted man to rely on the knowledge of good and evil, aka good or bad. The plan has always been for man to trust and follow HIM, knowing He sees the bigger picture.

Life is comprised of situations, circumstances, issues, and events. These things are common to man. It is your faith that makes you uncommon. Therefore, your experience of a very common situation should be different.

Your response should be different. The difference is not because you’ve been told it should be so, and now you move in your strength and will to appear different. The difference is that you know the truth in that moment, situation, or circumstance.

God encourages us to remember things, but when he does, he wants us to identify the truth. The truth is more potent than your candid recollection. The truth is essential to your freedom. God is truth, and we must recognize that in our quest to remember something, we should not look to still up feelings of nostalgia but to recall the lessons, victories, defeats, failures, and successes of the situation. Even if the memory begins to touch a place of pain, you must learn to feel the feeling while surrendering to the TRUTH of the situation.

The truth will transform your life and your experience of life, while your emotions can destroy it.

God has a purpose and plans for your memories, and it’s not to send you to a place of euphoria or despair.

He wants to remind you of the truth associated with a situation to reignite or reconfirm your purpose. It is a unique gift to inspire hope as you remember his faithfulness and ability. He was with you then, and he is with you now. He does not leave. He wants you to live an extraordinary life confirmed in your identity, confident in your purpose, and free in your expression and experience of love and joy.

So, your challenge today is to ask yourself the following questions.
Do I know the truth of that memory? Did I walk away from the experience with what God intended? If you cannot say yes with such certainty, clarity, and the evidence that the truth revealed has now become an intrinsic part of your life, then you must pursue him with even greater tenacity because he is always there, and there is more for you. Pray for wisdom and understanding.

Blessings to you,


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