One of the questions I frequently pose following a group prayer session with fellow intercessors is, “What did God say?”

This question often leads to a period of silence, during which people seem puzzled, as if expecting immediate responses during a divine conversation is odd.

It essentially raises the next question: how much time does God require to answer our prayers?

Your thoughts and beliefs about this question impact your prayer life.

They may erode your faith and, subsequently, your relationship with the Father.

It is not God’s responsiveness that falls short but rather our own actions and faith in our prayers.

So then, we must change.

What if we elevate our mindset and genuinely believe God is present and prepared to respond? By learning to surrender wholly, accept His will, maintain consistency in our approach, and engage Him with simple child-like faith through pure dialogue –

What if we believed He would indeed answer us?  

What if we believe that, as an ever-loving Father, He takes our insufficiencies, imperfections, and misaligned thoughts during the prayer conversation and transforms them?  What if, through prayer, we gained an awareness of His truth, also known as the truth and the power of His love and plan for our lives?  What if, through these daily conversations, our lives began to be transformed? What if we began to understand the plan for our lives better and live with great peace, clarity, joy, and fulfillment? What if, through daily conversations, he guided us toward the right thinking, right speaking, and right actions?  What if this was the experience of prayer?

Beloved, it is.

Prayer embodies a profound paradox. Though its essence is simple, its complexity has the power to alter circumstances and soften even the most hardened hearts. It represents not only a privilege and an honor but also a solemn duty that necessitates the presence of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, working in concert with you as His creation.

Today, I am sharing a clip from a morning prayer session and key takeaways discussed post-prayer that intercessors should consider.

Grab a cup of tea, coffee, or your other favorite beverage, listen to the prayer, and settle in and pray along with it. The words are still relevant today. God is alive, and the healing, freedom, and strength present then are available now. But also stay alert to the experience of prayer. Review the insights again after your prayer or listening to the prayer session.

Morning Prayer Insights 05.27.24


1. Humility is required in prayer and life. Humility is a cornerstone of both. It does not entail diminishing your power, gifts, skills, or talents; instead, it involves acknowledging that God is paramount and that everything stems from Him for His glory. Reflect upon this principle and let it inform your prayer practice and interactions with others.

2. Receiving God’s love means allowing it to work in and through you.  The evidence of God is that Embracing God’s love fosters compassion, mercy, and reconciliation.

3. God is able to turn any situation around.  He is a healer and has the power to regenerate and resurrect. God has the power to transform any situation. Our faith must be active and vibrant—anchored in Him and His capabilities rather than our circumstances. Remembering He is the great, “I AM,” we should remove limitations placed on God to allow Him to manifest fully in our lives as well as those around us. God is omnipotent; there is no situation beyond His control due to His regenerative power.

4. Take the limits off of God. Often, we view prayer merely as a practice of religious comfort when it encompasses so much more. Prayer fundamentally connects us with God—it teaches us to trust Him as a loving Father while laying down our concerns and absorbing His word, guidance, and will into our lives. Frequently, though, we tend toward over-spiritualization at the expense of genuine transformation (a topic worthy of further discussion).

5. Discern his voice and walk in truth. Today’s message emphasizes the importance of discerning God’s voice in every prayer encounter and understanding how to follow His guidance. Often, people claim they have heard God and are acting on His instructions, yet they find themselves without success, peace, or consistent joy. This raises the question: does this align with God’s methods? I believe it does not. Therefore, it’s imperative to elevate your thinking so there is no gap between your faith and experience.

Beloved, it may be time for a mindset shift—when it comes to prayer or spiritual growth, for that matter.

You have big goals, dreams, ideas, and a profound purpose that demands fulfillment; prayer is the anchor of your success and satisfaction. Effective prayer remains vital in achieving your goals while maintaining joy and peace.

If you feel called to deepen your understanding of prayer or want to learn more about effectively praying for yourself and others, join me for the Prophetic Prayer Strategy Session, held on the last Monday of each month at 4 p.m. PT. Register today to secure your spot!


Listen to the BONUS Prayer Session Here